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Adventure-loving author.  Dedicated dreamer.  Tireless traveler.

I grew up in Jacket 1Mobile, Alabama but fell in love with a career-Army man from the far northern reaches of Maine.  After following my “Mainiac” around the world for more than twenty years, we agreed to settle half-way between our childhood homes and now live in a suburb of Atlanta. (That’s half-way, right?)

As an avid reader across all genres, I love a good heart-pounding thriller with a dash of romance. I also enjoy a well written series where I become invested in the characters, but not those that leave you hanging after each book.

IThe Imperfect Series is a saga about the Cameron family who live on a horse ranch in rural Idaho. In it, you’ll meet Cody and Cate Cameron, the parents, who embody many of the same values I learned from my own parents. With the grown up Cameron children, brothers Garrett, Wade, and Jonas, and twin sisters, Mallory and Cassidy, you’ll find personality traits Imperfect Wings front cover FINALthat reveal real strengths, flaws, foibles, morals, and quirks – just like you and me.

Book One,  Imperfect Wings, published in 2014, is the award-winning tale of TJ McKendrick who winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time … and botches Garrett Cameron’s undercover mission. After escaping through a forbidding jungle and jumping off a cliff, she goes into witness protection for three years, only to have her cover blown. Fleeing from those who wish her harm, she winds up in the capable, but unwilling, hands of none other than … you guessed it! …. Garrett . Together, with his family guarding their backs, they evade a crazed drug lord, a corrupt politician, a hidden traitor, and survive an all-out battle to reach the courts of justice in Virginia.

Imperfect TrustBook 2, Imperfect Trust, released in 2015, follows Lucy Kiddron after she encounters a nightmare from the past and is forced to flee for her life. Her friend, Cassie Cameron, sends her on a cross-country journey to the Cameron family in Idaho where she mistakes Wade for one of the bad guys chasing her, and slugs him with a bag of groceries. Needless to say, Wade is not inclined to help Lucy, especially when she refuses to divulge her secrets. After a stormy beginning, they strike a truce and agree to help each other. He’s fighting off a hacker; she’s got the skills he needs. She’s running from a madman; he’s the man who can protect her. A sniper, a stalker, a covert agency, a cyber terrorist, a harrowing car chase, a deadly manhunt, and tons of action fill the pages of this book.

Imperfect Bonds FRONT COVER smallBook Three, Imperfect Bonds, came out in July 2016. It’s the story of Cassidy Cameron, one of the sisters, and Derek Naughton, former Navy SEAL and current small town deputy. After seven long years away at school, Cassie returns home with two goals in mind: to mend the bad blood between her and her twin, and resolve her feelings for a too-sexy, arrogant deputy who’s only interested in a relationship with an expiration date. Trouble comes calling when she encounters a couple of unsavory characters on a deserted stretch of highway and snaps their picture with her cell phone when they threaten her. Now, she’s the target of an international organization with ties to drug running, weapons smuggling, and the terrible world of human trafficking.

All three of the Imperfect books are published by Write Integrity Press and are available for purchase on Amazon.com and other book retailers.

I also had the privilege of co-authoring A Dozen Apologies (February 2014) and The Love Boat Bachelor (February 2015), the first two novellas in the multi-author collaborative Heart Seeker Series.

Now that retirement allows me to focus full time on my writing career, I’ve discovered a new passion. Travel!  I’ve had the good fortune to visit more than fifty countries on four continents,, during my life, including a memorable trans-Pacific cruise to the South Pacific Islands and Australia, These jaunts have provided a wealth of enchanting locations that I fully intend to incorporate somewhere in my stories.

When not mesmerized by my computer screen or off visiting some exotic locale, I enjoy pulling “Mimi” duty for my three grandchildren.  I also like a good game of bridge with close friends, and have the privilege of attending a  long-running Bible study with a group of octogenarians who keep me young and rolling in laughter.


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