Imperfect Wings … Now available on Amazon!

Imperfect Wings by Elizabeth Noyes — Published by Write Integrity Press — Now available on Amazon in hard copy and Kindle format:

Evil stalks TJ McKendrick. 

Three years ago, TJ buried her estranged father. Needing answers, she heads to Honduras where he was murdered. While there searching for clues, TJ  witnesses something she shouldn’t have.

Imperfect Wings front cover FINALNow, she’s running for her life from a high-profile U.S. politician who wants her silenced and a crazed drug lord intent on doing the deed. After her top secret file is compromised and her hiding place is revealed —              Who can she trust?

The last thing Garrett Cameron wants is another woman disrupting his life. His past is filled with violence. Love was never meant for someone with secrets like his, but when the sassy vixen that sabotaged his top secret mission in Central America shows up at his Idaho ranch, running for her life —        What’s a man to do?

Can TJ relinquish past hurts and learn to trust again? Will she lower her defenses for the one man who sees past the mask she wears?

Darkness stains Garrett’s soul. Does he dare expose his true nature and risk losing the only woman to ever  touch his heart?

As attraction ignites and fans into flame between them, TJ and Garrett put their faith in God and their trust in each other to face off against a deadly threat.

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