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Sunday, August 31st – our first day at sea

We’ve found that with most cruises, there’s a rhythm to sea travel. It’s in the way the passengers—really just a bunch of strangers—dance around each other as they make their way through life on board. It starts out a little herky-jerky, which is really not all that unexpected when you factor in the wide diversity of ages, genders, nationalities, lifestyles, and interests.

This cruise is different. First, there are no teens, as in zero. And I can count on one hand the number of children under what I think is age 12 and even fewer young adults 20-30. They are the ones with the kids, after all. For the most part. There’s a smattering of 30’s-50’s , but by far and away I believe the median age of the passengers on board the Legend has to be in their 60’s, maybe higher. Let’s face it, who else can take a month off from school or work, and if they can be able to afford a trip like this?

So the rhythm changes with this cruise. Instead of boisterous squeals and racing through the corridors, you’re on the lookout for a runaway motorized wheelchair. No drunken loudmouths here—just the inevitable loudmouths that don’t require alcohol. No smoochie-smoochie honeymoon stuff either, so the late shows have plenty of available seating. (I can poke fun at the seniors since we both fall into that category.)

The ship’s cruise director informed us with great enthusiasm that this cruise set a blockbuster record of having the most Platinum and Diamond VIP cruisers on a single ship at one time. It’s true. And we thought we were veteran cruisers with our 20 little vacays. We’re babies compared to some of these people who’ve taken hundreds of trips! Can you imagine? If we squeezed in just 20 cruises a year, it would take us another 4 years to reach the century mark. It would sure beat retirement home living!

Enough today. I’ve found a quiet little niche where I can do my writing. Paul has wandered off, probably to his own little private hideaway to read. Or maybe just muse. I find myself doing that a lot, gazing off at the ocean, a silly smile on my face. I think I’m going to like retirement.

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