Saturday, September 20th – Almost to Sydney

Today and tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to savor them. Enjoy them. Live my “sea day” routine again. Alas, not to be.

The Australian Immigration Department came aboard in Noumea. This afternoon will be spent standing in line, awaiting our turn to present our passports and customs declarations to these officials. Aaarrrgg. Our deck (Level 7) is scheduled from 1:00-2:00pm. In reality, we hung out in the nearby lounge, reading, until the line finally dissipated around 4:00pm. We joined the end of the line and breezed through. Not my first choice of reading locations, but not bad either.
My honey, of course, is … how do I say this … chatty. Doesn’t know a stranger. He met his match this afternoon, but I have to say it was very enlightening.

An Aussie sat down with us. He didn’t think much of standing in line for two hours either. We learned quite a few do’s and don’ts while visiting Australia. Very friendly chap. Most of the Aussies we’ve met tend to be a little on the acerbic side. Not really caustic, but with a very (very!) dry sense of humor. This gentleman had been with Americans too long, because he was mellow to the nth degree! Very enjoyable.

Today’s towel creature … a bathing beauty?


Towel - Bathing Beautyature …

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