TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS – Final Sea Day (Drat!)

Sunday, September 21st – Almost to Sydney

We booked this South Pacific cruise a year ago. A dream cruise. A vacation of a lifetime. How much fun it has been waiting for the departure date to arrive. Anticipation. Sometimes it can be more fun than the real thing. But not this time.

This trip—from the airplane ride Atlanta > Salt Lake City > Long Beach; boarding the ship in Long Beach; a stop at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico followed by 7 straight sea days (I think I love these the most); crossing the equator (Pollywog to Shellback); crossing the international date line and skipping September 15th; our stops at Tahiti, Moo’rea, and Bora Bora in French Polynesia; Fiji and New Caledonia; another 2 sea days and tomorrow–Sydney.

Every one of these destinations deserve a month spent exploring and learning about the different cultures, seeing all they have to offer, getting to know the people. Maybe a year. Alas, we take what we can get. It’s been special.

But enough of “over” talk. We’ve still got 5 days in Australia. For now, G’day Mate and bring it on!Towel -

Today’s cool towel creature … hmmmm … a dog?

(Amazing. Twenty-three days at sea and our cabin steward never repeated a single creature!)

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