TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS – Sydney – Day 5 – Shopping in Sydney

Friday, September 26th – Sydney – Day 5

Okay, I’m running out of steam. Got a few more things to buy and I’m done. We walked this Volle Jewelry Opalsmorning to Queen Victoria square to the opal store. Had a voucher, got a very nice discount, and my honey bought me a beautiful pendant. I learned more about opals than I ever wanted to know! Even saw one unset with a purchase price of over $6,000!

Haighs ChocolatesNext stop? Chocolates. Haigh’s Chocolates to be exact. A famous Australian chocolatier. They make great little handout gifts.

A return trip down the street and we reconverted the few Aussie dollars we had left back into US dollars.Aussie Dollars The paper money was easy, but we never did figure out the coins.

The afternoon we spent napping, repacking, charging, polishing off the rest of the wine, blogging, and reading.

For dinner, we went to a local sports pub (had to experience the local ambiance) for a steak dinner. Oh, I forgot to mention before, we had Bulgogi on Thursday night – a Korean delicacy complete with Kimchi!

After we got back to the Meriton, we had our notification email to check-in online. We tried, but shortly received a text message from United saying our flight had been cancelled. Oh bother, as Pooh would say. A phone call to United and we were re-booked on a later flight to San Francisco. Wound up paying almost US $400 extra to get decent seats, but we’re going home.Going Home

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