IN SEACLUSION: Tips from a Savvy Cruiser, Part III

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Today’s Port of Call: Grand Cayman Chapter Three Port of Call: Grand Cayman

Biggest cruise shipThe day has finally arrived. You’re at the pier. You handed off your luggage, made it through registration, and now you’re winding your way along the gangway … only to stop and stare at the biggest ship you have ever seen. Awe inspiring! So, what do you do on a cruise ship?

Tip 1: The cruise line will send you a packet of information within a month prior to your sail date. BE SURE YOU GO THROUGH THIS INFORMATION. READ ticket

This packet can include everything from your tickets, dining times, stateroom number, baggage tags, and basic information about the cruise and ports of call. There will likely be paperwork to be completed, also. Some cruise lines offer an online submission form (for things like passport numbers, credit card numbers, etc.). BE SURE YOU COMPLETE EVERYTHING.

Tip 2: Make paper copies of your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. Leave one copy at home. Keep another copy with you while on your cruise – but not in your wallet. The idea is, in the event you lose your wallet or purse, you’ll need these copies to report the numbers. (You should do this for any type of travel. Imagine having your purse stolen in say, India. You don’t speak the language. They’ve take your passport, credit cards, and likely any money you had. Can it get any harder?)

Tip 3: Check out the shore excursions offered by the cruise line. Review them. Decide which, if any, you want to take. Often, the more popular shore excursions offered sell out in pre-Shore Excursion Ticketsregistration. If you see one you like – book it. Otherwise, you can always wait until you board. Ship-sanctioned shore excursions can be purchased via your in-room television, or at the Shore Excursions Desk (look for posted hours).

Many people prefer to not take shore excursions. Some prefer to amble about on their own. Be assured, the ship’s Cruise Director will offer several talks about what to see/buy in each port. The crew will also offer maps of the immediate area around the port.

Others prefer to book excursions outside of the ship. There will be many local options available, usually at a much reduced price than what is offered by the cruise line. While you will more than likely save money on these tours, be advised the cruise line takes no responsibility. With their sanctioned tours, the cruise line will watch over you like a mother hen.

Besides the various local tours offered, many taxi drivers can be incented to give you a “guided tour.”

Tip 4: Activities on board range from dining, dancing, shows, gambling, art auctions, wine pairings, towel-folding demonstrations, tours of the bridge and galley, dance classes, bingo, swimming, spas, sports, sports bars, card games, yoga, fitness, movies, cocktail parties, DJs, karaoke, talent shows, drawings, giveaways, cooking demonstrations, internet café, library, board games, and I could go and on. The main thing to remember is—this is your time. You can do as much or as little as you want!!

Activities 1Activities 2 Activities 3


Bon Voyage!

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