IN SEACLUSION: Tips from a Savvy Cruiser, Park VII

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What is the one thing common to every conversation you’ve had or heard about cruising? FOOD! That’s right, and I saved the best for last.

Tip 1: You could conceivably eat 24/7 on a cruise ship: Room service, early morning continental Dining 6buffet, full breakfast buffet, brunch, lunch, grills, afternoon tea, tastings, dinner in the formal dining room, buffets in the casual dining room, midnight buffets, pizza 24/7, ice cream machines, dessert bars, salad bars, deli’s, specialty stations, a steakhouse, bars where you can get snacks, a cappuccino bar – you want it, you can find it.

Tip 2: Cruise statistics claim the average cruiser will gain 1-2 pounds for each day of their cruise. Believe it. BUT, once you get past the overwhelming Dining 1gluttony stage of the first couple of days, dial back. I mean, the human body can only process so much! Be reasonable. Figure out what and where you like to eat, and keep the other meals reasonable. Just because it’s right in front of your nose doesn’t mean you have to open your mouth and shove it in. I usually keep my breakfast light—juice, milk, oatmeal, fruit. When I choose an omelet instead, I go lighter at lunch.

Tip 3: My opinion only, but the coffee they serve on cruise ships will take the enamel off your teeth! I mean, wow! Can we say strong? I tend to stick with the juice, milk, or water.

Tip 4: Sodas cost money. If you can’t live with your soda, buy the soda package. You only get sodas at the bars or through a waiter.

Dining 7Tip 5: Speaking of waiters, when you order a drink, they’ll need your Sail and Sign card to charge. (That’s why I recommend a lanyard you can wear around your neck.) Give them a tip. It’s expected. Just add it on the credit card slip. $1-$2 is sufficient, depending upon the amount.

Tip 6: Passengers are assigned an evening dining time (or you can choose “anytime dining”) in one of the more formal dining rooms. (I talked about appropriate dress in an earlier blog.) We love this experience! A 3-course, 5-star dining experience. I mean, for a whole week you geDining 4t to eat Lobster, Shrimp, Chateaubriand, Prime Rib, Ribeyes, Surf & Turf, just about any kind of seafood you can imagine, and some you can’t! And the deserts, oh my. Baked Alaska, Cherries Jubilee, Bananas Foster, Black Forest Cake, Crème Brûlée, and other specially created delicacies. This, I highly recommend.

Legend - Vernon-Andrea-BagusTip 7: When you dine in the formal dining room, you’ll have a team of 2-3 waiters to take care of you. After every cruise we’ve taken, and there’ve been a few, we come away saying the dining room staff was best ever! Wonderful people. Thoughtful, perceptive, friendly, personable, and all focused on you and your dining experience. You want two lobster tails? No problem. Want to substitute something? No problem. Something from the bar or a bottle of wine? They’ve got you covered.

Bon Voyage!

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