No one is worthy, and yet the gift is free to all

Took the “grands” to deliver food to the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-op earlier this week. Wanted them to see how blessed we are and how they can help others. 7yo Reid took a long SE Gwinnett Coop - 4time studying everything before whispering to Grampy, “This store doesn’t have much to buy.” The kind volunteer working that day squatted down next to my little guy and explained how it wasn’t a store; rather it was a place where people who don’t have enough money to feed their family can get food for them. You should have seen the frown on Reid’s face as he thought about this.

Later in the car, 9yo Cam asked, “How do you know they’re really poor and not just trying to get SE Gwinnett Coop - 3something for free?” We explained how we can’t know, but that it’s not our purpose to know. We are called to fill a need, not determine who is worthy to receive the gift. It struck me then that the good Lord had used a teachable moment to make a point with me — no one is worthy, and yet the gift of Jesus is offered freely to everyone.

The shelves of the Co-op are indeed shamefully bare. I say shamefully because we in the community who have been given so much have ignored the plight of those around us. Does the Bible not teach us to care for others? To give out of our abundance? Not by government mandate, but out of the goodness of our hearts.

I encourage you to consider donating to a Food Co-op in your community. I mean, how easy is it
to pick up an extra package of spaghetti noodles and a jar of pasta when you shop? That alone will feed a family somewhere tonight. What will you and your family eat?

SE Gwinnett Coop - 2For those of you in my area, the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-op is supported by many local churches where you can donate pantry items, or you can visit the Co-op at 55 Grayson Parkway. It’s not difficult to locate. I found it! For those in my neighborhood, you’re welcome to drop your purchases off with me and I’ll deliver them.


The SE Gwinnet Co-op website is You can find hours of operation, a list of current needs, how to volunteer your time, information about other things they’re doing to help families in need, and even donate online if you prefer.

Check out their Facebook page, too, at

SE Gwinnett Coop

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