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Posted by on September 8, 2015  and copied here on September 23, 2015.

Blog: Rainy of the Dark

Recruiting for First Quarter 2016.

 Every few months, I run a “Winner Takes All” giveaway. Authors donate one ebook copy of their book, and the whole pool of donations is put up as a prize. To enter, readers have to perform tasks that include following the authors who donated to the giveaway.


Donate A Copy

I’m gathering ebook contributions for FIRST quarter “winner takes all” giveaway for 2016. Here’s how it works:

1. If you want to include your book, fill out the form below. Note: You can donate more than one ebook but you must fill out the form for each ebook. Please note this will be for Kindle formats only.

2. I will organize the Rafflecopter and create the HTML code. Entries on this will include following you (if you provide your social network profiles on the form).

3. Before the giveaway goes live, I will email you the HTML code to share on your own blog.

4. The giveaway will run for three months. During that time, the giveaway is repeatedly tweeted to my 32,000+ followers, shared with my 3k+ Facebook friends, pinned to my 900+ Pinterest followers, and posted to my 13,000+ followers on Google Plus. It is also advertised on my blog sidebar. My blog receives around 120,000 page views per month. This is on top of all contributing authors sharing the giveaway with their audience as well.

5. At the end, I will close the Rafflecopter and choose a random winner. I will send the winner’s email address to all contributing authors, who are then responsible for delivering their participating ebook(s) to the winner.

Visit Rainy’s blog and Complete this form to enter.

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