Looking Back

I am humbled to look back on 2014 and 2015. So many wonderful things happened during those years.

ADA 1x0.72In February 2014, my first published work, A Dozen Apologies, was released on Amazon.  Co-writing  this romantic novella with 11 other authors was a stretch for me, and a true act of faith, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. .

In May, my husband and I took a cruise with my sister and her husband – the first time we’ve ever traveled together since our childhood. It was a special time.

Imperfect Wings front cover FINALThat summer took on a frantic pace as my own first full-length novel, Imperfect Wings, was released in August. I can’t begin to describe how exciting and rewarding this event was. Sometimes I look it up on Amazon just to convince myself it’s real! I am so thankful to all my readers for the wonderful 5-star reviews you gave it.

In September, my husband and I took a “Cruise of a Lifetime,” a 24-day cruise across the ocean to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world — Tahiti, Moo’rea, Bora Bora, Fiji, and New Caledonia, followed a week’s stay in beautiful Sydney, Australia. A month-long vacation that was fantastic from start to end.

In October, I retired from Stratose after 14 years. What a special place, filled with special people,

The Heart Seeker Series

The Heart Seeker Series

and run by two of the most amazing men – Sean and Scott Smith. Thank you for a wonderful run.

The Love Boat Bachelor, another multi-author novella, came out in time for Valentine’s Day. This is Brent Teague’s story, one of the heroes from A Dozen Apologies.

Book Two of The Imperfect Series, Imperfect Trust, released in the Summer Imperfect Trustof 2015.

Radio and television interviews followed – what a rush! And a 15-day autumn cruise from Long Beach, CA to Hawaii. Lovely, just lovely.

Can’t wait for the release of Book Three, Imperfect Bonds, coming Summer 2016!




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