People are always asking me about my writing …

People are always asking me questions about my writing, I thought I’d answer those most often voiced in a Q&A format.

Q:   Did you start out meaning to write a series?

A:    This adventure started out as an action-adventure-romance about the parents, Cate and Cody Cameron. I thought it would be unique to have ‘older’ main characters. Imagine my surprise when halfway through, their firstborn son took over.  In an attempt to silence Garrett, I set aside the original manuscript and tried to write him out of my head. That effort became Imperfect Wings, and set the stage for the other siblings to demand their own stories.

Q:   How did you come up with the name, Imperfect Wings and the other “Imperfect” titles?

A:    Most authors will tell you characters often write their own stores. This title came in a scene near the end when Garrett told TJ to “wipe your nose and get those imperfect wings flapping”—in other words, to get on with her life. That was it!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until halfway through the second book Imperfect Trust, that the play on “Imperfect” revealed itself.

Q:   Are your characters based on real people?

A:    Yes … and no. All characters are based on real people, just not in their entirety. My characters are more like composites, in other words, a little quirk from this one, an accent from that one, temperament, etc. But there’s always a whole lot of me in each one.