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WIP asks Elizabeth Noyes …

“How do you come up with such unusual ideas?”

Write Integrity Press takes a quick peek at the story behind the story of Imperfect Trust, the second book in The Imperfect Series.


Elizabeth Noyes (@Enoyes5246)

Elizabeth Noyes (@Enoyes4736)

I’ve often said I wouldn’t be a writer were it not for my very own techie support team—my husband, son, daughter, and son-in-law, all of whom eat, drink, breathe, sleep, groan, and yawn their way through the latest, greatest technology. Me? Not so much. With Imperfect Trust, the second book in the Imperfect Series, I wanted to do something different, something to acclaim the unique and creative way those in computer ‘geekdom’ think since their expertise keeps me up and running.

It was a short leap from burgeoning idea to a deep, suspenseful, technology-based plot. Add in a many-layered female lead who is not only gifted at ‘exploring’ computers (hacking), she’s also an accomplished ‘gamer’ (video game player extraordinaire). Throw her to the bad guys, make her vulnerable, and let her escape. Enter the hero, a hunky, supercilious ‘code monkey’ (programmer), let them butt heads, and then throw them together in a life or death tangle so they have to depend upon each other. The rest is pure action, drama, adventure, suspense, all spiced up with a dash of romance.

I ran into an unexpected problem early on. It’s tricky trying to balance the necessary technical jargon so true believers buy your spin without overwhelming those not-in-the-know with too much computerese. Heaven forbid they grow bored and start skimming!

In the immortal words of J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan), “All the word is made of faith and trust … and pixie dust!”

I just hope and pray my readers will have faith and trust in my pixie dust!

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TV Interview – WATC 57 Atlanta Live

Elizabeth Noyes and Joan Deneve appear on WATC Channel 57 Atlanta Alive!

Elizabeth Noyes & Joan Devere on September 1, 2015

Elizabeth Noyes & Joan Devere on September 1, 2015

What fun! My new friend and fellow author, Joannie Deneve, and I met for the first time on the set of WATC Channel 57’s Atlanta Alive television show on September 1st. We had the privilege of appearing on this television show to talk about our recently released books, Joannie’s Saving Eric, and my Imperfect Wings and Imperfect Trust.

A special thanks to Tracy Ruckman of Write Integrity Press for her amazing ideas and endless energy in finding these great opportunities for us to pitch our books. Another friend and author, Deborah Harper, paved the way for us with Atlanta Alive on Friday, August 28th.


Nerves galore left us with muscle twitches, uneasy stomachs, and pounding hearts, but the Lord came through as always. After a slight mix-up with the station’s programming, Joannie wound up in the first segment of the show, and I have TV Interview 2- WATC 57to say, she nailed it! Eloquent, charming, and passionate about her story, she did an awesome job of paving the way for me.

After a musical break, my turn came. The bright lights were both a blessing and problem. I couldn’t see a thing beyond the stage (thankfully), but everyone who knows me understands TV Interview 3- WATC 57how I struggle with light sensitivity. Fortunately, the time flew by so fast, I never really worried about it.

I can’t say enough about our hosts, Pastor David and Kim Smith. They make it look so easy … and it was! With gentle, guiding questions, they led us through the interviews without a hitch. The television crew was friendly, helpful, and very professional. And I would be remiss without mentioned the program director, Tina Lisy, who made it all come together. Such a warm, compassionate, atmosphere.

Elizabeth Noyes w/ Atlanta Alive hosts, Pastor David and Kim Smith

Elizabeth Noyes w/ Atlanta Alive hosts, Pastor David and Kim Smith

Once I get my recorded copy, I’ll post a link here.

Interview with Marji – By Lena Nelson Dooley

A Christian Writer’s World

                                       ~~ Characters who grip your heart

Lena Nelson Dooley is an award-winning, multi-published Christian novelist and screeenwriter.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

THE LOVE BOAT BACHELOR – Marji Laine, and 7 other authors – One Free Ebook For Everyone

Dear Readers, today I’m hosting a dear friend of mine and a member of the critique group that meets in my home.

Welcome, Marji. Tell us about your new project.

LOVE BOAT BACHELOR is a romance novella written by eight different authors.

You were involved in something like that last time you were here, weren’t you.

Yes, through Write Integrity Press. This is actually our fourth collaborative novella, and they all ADA 1x0.72have about the same concept. Given a detailed character and a setting, each author writes an original chapter in the story. It’s amazing how the character journey weaves together. And even more confounding how our voices tend to blend. Readers have had trouble believing that the stories have more than one writer.

What’s special about this book?

The Love Boat Bachelor is our first sequel. I’m really excited to tell the further story with this.
With last year’s book, A Dozen Apologies, we introduced a lady with a changed life who needed to make amends to 12 men she’d humiliated. Each fellow met with Mara in his own chapter. At the end we asked the readers to help us figure out who should win her heart. It was a tough decision and many of the men walked away disappointed. So we took the guy who collected the second-most votes and built a new story around him. Sort of like the Bachelorette and the Bachelor TV shows. Lol!

Here’s the back cover information:

Romance is a joke.

After the love of Brent Teague’s life came back into his world only to marry someone else, Brent is through with women. He might be through with being a pastor, too.

LBB Book CoverBrent was so sure that God brought Mara Adkins home to him so they could marry and live happily ever after. Six months after her wedding to another man, that theory is obviously a dud. If Brent could be so wrong about that, who’s to say he’s not mistaken about God calling him to pastoral ministry?

Tired of watching Brent flounder for direction, Brent’s feisty older sister boots him out of Spartanburg and onto a cruise ship. Brent’s old college buddy manages the ship’s staff, and he’s thrilled to finagle Brent into the role of chaplain for the two-week cruise.

As the ship sets sail, Brent starts to relax. Maybe a cruise wasn’t such a bad idea after all. But there’s just one little thing no one told him. He’s not on any ordinary cruise. He’s on The Love Boat.

What’s a sworn bachelor to do on a Caribbean cruise full of romance and love? He’ll either have to jump ship or embrace the unforgettable romantic comedy headed his way.

Will there be a contest with this book?

Yes! Just like last year’s novella, our hero meets a number of eligible bachelorettes and falls head over heels in love with one of them. The problem is, the authors have no idea which gal he’s chosen. We’ll be posting a new chapter each weekday, starting Monday, January 26 – February 4, on the Write Integrity Press blog. ( Readers are encouraged to vote on their favorite heroine from the 4th through the 7th. The winning gal will be in the final chapter that will release with the book on Valentine’s Day.

So you have to download the book to find out the ending?

Yes. In order to learn just who the readers voted for, and who won Brent’s heart, you have to download the actual e-book. But there is good news with that! The book is FREE for 4 days. February 14th – February 17th. So while I don’t have a free book to give away today, or even a chapter to share online, the chapters – all but one of them – will come up starting Monday at and the book is free for EVERYONE on Valentine’s day. With Love J!

Write Integrity Press Banner2

Readers, don’t forget to go to February 14-17 claim your free copy.