Imperfect Bonds (Book 3 of The Imperfect Series)

Imperfect Bonds – 2016 Grace Awards Winner!

Action Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction: exploits, quest, expansive

IMPERFECT BONDS by Elizabeth Noyes (Write Integrity Press) ~ This novel  struck us as having well-formed, even complicated characters. They could be moody, funny, full of snap and wit, and sometimes just confused, like most people. The set up was immediate, and the sense of danger quickly drew us into the story. There were plenty of twists that kept us entertained and easily turning the pages. Likewise, good rising and falling action kept the plot moving forward, and the romance was smoldering without actually going anywhere beyond a kiss. The book was written from a clean and Christian world view without becoming preachy, and we liked that the main characters were on both spiritual and personal journeys. The theme of fighting human trafficking and the hunt for the bad guys made for an engaging, modern day western read.

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Some bonds hold despite our efforts to break them.

Imperfect Bonds FRONT COVER smallCassidy Cameron’s life is in a tailspin. Her estranged twin sister hates her. Her family tiptoes around her. She’s lost her driver’s license and any hope of a new job. Worse, the too-sexy, green-eyed, arrogant town deputy who stole her heart wants more than she’s willing to give … or is she the one who wants more from him? And now two unsavory ruffians have threatened her.

Deputy Derek Naughton is stumped  by a series of malicious pranks around the county and aggravated by a hot little woman who draws trouble like a magnet. Too bad she’s his best friend’s little sister.

Resisting Cassidy’s charms is a true test of his willpower, one he’s failing miserably at. All the reasons for avoiding her fly out the window when she stumbles into a maelstrom of illegal arms deals, illicit drugs, an human trafficking. He’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.

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