Novel Lines

My characters are sometimes funny, sometimes not, and often stick a foot in their mouth!

From Imperfect Wings

[Garrett]  “If you have to use [the gun], point the bad end at the biggest part of whatever’s coming your way.”

[Cody]  “And then you grovel. A lot. Women like that.”

[Garrett] “The first thing I learned in the service is that evil is alive and well, and thrives in the world. Lesson Two was evil doesn’t follow the same rules we do.”

[TJ] “Worms? That’s my surprise?]

From Imperfect Trust

[Wade} “Mom will skin me alive if you hurt yourself.”

[Lucy] “Then you’ll make a nice rug in front of the fireplace.”

[Lucy] “So now I’m one of your cows?]

[Rascal] “You behave yourself or I’ll tattle to your momma.”

[Lucy] “Your mom and day should know better than to unleash all of you at once on the female population.”

[Wade] “My rules—no drugs, booze, smoking, sniffing, or dipping. You don’t goof off in school or after. No skipping and no fights. You arrive on time, to both school and work, and keep your grades up. Do your work and keep your nose clean. Your loyalty is to your mama first and then to me and Mallory.”

[Casey] “Let me get this straight, you’ll pay me squat, and I’m grounded for, like, ever?”

From Imperfect Bonds

[Kyle to Derek and James] “God gave goats more sense than He gave either of you.”

[Cassie] Three coyotes skulked through the brush. This place was nothing like HOTlanta.

[Mallory to Cassie] “You’ve been gone too long. Hastings Bluff has a limited menu of available men.”

[Dee Dee to James] “Men look at pretty girls all the time. It’s a fact of life, an involuntary itch. Heck, you’ve probably scratched a few of those yourself.

[James] “My grandma lives in the Rockies and still hunts grizzlies.”

[Derek] “Baby, I’m a Navy SEAL. I am a power tool.”

[Bartender to Derek] Leaning over the counter, Tate whispered with a nod at Colleen. “I wouldn’t fish in those waters if I was you.”

[Derek] For a man with a reputation as a lover, Jonas showed all the finesse of a donkey.

Imperfect Lies

[Mallory to James] “Yes, I’m fine. No, I haven’t gotten into any trouble yet. And no, I haven’t spotted my watchdog yet, though I did see a green Martian this morning.”

[Mallory to James] “I’d like the company, as long as he’s not some overgrown knucklehead who would embarrass me.”

[Fowler to James] “This wouldn’t be a job, by chance? No? I didn’t think so. You really need to put a leash on those girls.]

[James to Mallory] “One of [the girls] tried to break my leg with a tire iron. Don’t worry. Takes more than a forty-pound kid to drop me. Brave little thing.”

A Dozen Apologies

[Mara] “You want your pound of flesh, don’t you?”

[Elliott] “I heard you were in New York. At some fancy design house. Why are you back in Spartanburg? And washing dogs, for Pete’s sake.”

[Mara] “Because betrayal leaves you gutted, and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.”

From The Love Boat Bachelor

[Alyssa] “So, you’re a real pastor?” she asked. “You don’t look or act like any preacher I’ve known.”

[Alyssa] “I mean,” she went on. “Why would you go on a cruise promoting romance? You’re like a pork chop dangled over a tank of piranha.”

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