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IMPERFECT BONDS – A 2016 Grace Awards Winner!

Grace Awards 2016 Winners ~ in Faith Based Fiction

Category: Action-Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction: exploits, quest, expansive 

Grace Awards – All 2016 Category Winners


IMPERFECT BONDS by Elizabeth Noyes
(Write Integrity Press)

Judges’ Review:

This novel  struck us as having well-formed, even complicated characters. They could be moody, funny, full of snap and wit, and sometimes just confused, like most people. The set up was immediate, and the sense of danger quickly drew us into the story. There were plenty of twists that kept us entertained and easily turning the pages. Likewise, good rising and falling action kept the plot moving forward, and the romance was smoldering without actually going anywhere beyond a kiss. The book was written from a clean and Christian world view without becoming preachy, and we liked that the main characters were on both spiritual and personal journeys. The theme of fighting human trafficking and the hunt for the bad guys made for an engaging, modern day western read.

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ink well and feather quill

I first learned to type in high school on a manual typewriter. Yep, the one you had to pull the handle on the right side to return to the left margin. When IBM came out with an electric typewriter, it was a miracle! I thought my fingers would fall off from the speed alone. And then came the MEMORY typewriter. No more correction fluid, correction paper, or typing erasers for me. Now you could correct (back space over) your mistakes before the ink hit the paper.

I first used a Panasonic that (in all honesty) looked like a microwave oven! About that size, too. The memory strip was a ribbon-like window, approximately one-inch high and maybe six-inches long. You could actually “see” your typing–or at least the last 25 characters. The memory cache would hold approximately 500 characters before the print mechanism triggered, and wow, it sounded a lot like a  burst of machine gun fire.

I remember the first time I sat in front of a computer. We had step-by-step instructions: 1. Push this button. 2. Press F3 to access the reports from the night’s run. I became a whiz at working all the “F” keys in Word. And then they gave me a mouse?

We’ve certainly come a long way since then and, while I have no complaints about the incredible advances in technology, I do sometimes wish the world would slow down a little. I don’t move or think as fast as I used, too.  I blame it on having stuffed my head so full of knowledge over the years that anything new has to fight to squeeze in. And the room may or may not be available.  Have to run. Got to go tweet!