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Love Thy Neighbor

I was deeply touched by this story of an older white woman at Walmart who got dizzy and fell. When the store’s staff came to her aid, they insisted she remain seated on the floor until the paramedics arrived. One of the store employees, a young, black man, took it upon himself to sit on the floor with her. He offered his body for her to lean against as a simple back support.

Georgia Walmart Employee Helps Elderly Lady

There are so many lessons to be learned from his one small action, both Christian and humanitarian:

– The young man recognized a need.
– He acted immediately, without being told.
– He met the woman where she was, on the floor, when and where she needed help.
– He showed compassion.
– He made a connection.
– He did what he could.

Despite the difference of their skin color, there are no racial undertones here. This was love shown in the truest Biblical sense – not the emotional kind that’s gone amok in our country, mind you. This was the actionable kind rising from a compassionate heart. We need more of this type of love.

“LOVE MORE. HATE LESS.” You’ve heard the chants being thrown out from both sides of what I’ve dubbed The Great American Divide. Well, here’s how you do it. This young man’s one simple act shows us how. It starts inside each one of us.

At my church, Sunrise Baptist Church, we like to say, “It’s #CoolToBeKind. Try it. It’s easier than you think, and carries everlasting repercussions and rewards.