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WIP asks Elizabeth Noyes …

“How do you come up with such unusual ideas?”

Write Integrity Press takes a quick peek at the story behind the story of Imperfect Trust, the second book in The Imperfect Series.


Elizabeth Noyes (@Enoyes5246)

Elizabeth Noyes (@Enoyes4736)

I’ve often said I wouldn’t be a writer were it not for my very own techie support team—my husband, son, daughter, and son-in-law, all of whom eat, drink, breathe, sleep, groan, and yawn their way through the latest, greatest technology. Me? Not so much. With Imperfect Trust, the second book in the Imperfect Series, I wanted to do something different, something to acclaim the unique and creative way those in computer ‘geekdom’ think since their expertise keeps me up and running.

It was a short leap from burgeoning idea to a deep, suspenseful, technology-based plot. Add in a many-layered female lead who is not only gifted at ‘exploring’ computers (hacking), she’s also an accomplished ‘gamer’ (video game player extraordinaire). Throw her to the bad guys, make her vulnerable, and let her escape. Enter the hero, a hunky, supercilious ‘code monkey’ (programmer), let them butt heads, and then throw them together in a life or death tangle so they have to depend upon each other. The rest is pure action, drama, adventure, suspense, all spiced up with a dash of romance.

I ran into an unexpected problem early on. It’s tricky trying to balance the necessary technical jargon so true believers buy your spin without overwhelming those not-in-the-know with too much computerese. Heaven forbid they grow bored and start skimming!

In the immortal words of J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan), “All the word is made of faith and trust … and pixie dust!”

I just hope and pray my readers will have faith and trust in my pixie dust!

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