My Journey As A Writer

An Unexpected Journey

I began my journey as a writer in junior high school, that long ago time my daughter likes to call the “Olden Days.” My seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Strickler, required essay after essay that year and while the other seventh graders had to be coaxed and coerced to get 250 words down on paper, I had to be reined in! After all, the story is just getting started there.

Kennebec - 2 Smaller

“Edge of Eternity” – Kennebec River, Maine

I went on to write skits for the cheerleaders, a play for the drama club, and even became the most sought after campaign manager for students seeking one of the coveted class officer positions. But then life happened. I graduated, went on to a technical school, found a job, got married, traveled around the world, and started having babies.

Years passed, my children grew up and had babies of their own, and I settled into a career that allows me to do what I love — writing and editing. Today, my essays and skits have become business and technical documents, but that’s okay. Working in a professional environment allowed me to hone my skills.


“Imperfect Wings”

Now that life has slowed down a little, my interests have gravitated back to writing for pleasure. I love a good romantic suspense (with more focus on action than on the kissy stuff, though that too has its place). My first manuscript, Edge of Eternity, is what I’ve since discovered was my practice piece. And boy did I learn a lot! Some fun, some not so much.

My second completed manuscript, Imperfect Wings, is the first of five books in The Imperfect Series. You guessed it – a romantic suspense about a man and woman who must learn to trust each other and God as they fight to survive in a deadly game of intrigue. It’s the first in a planned series of five books about the Camerons, a ranching family who live in rural Idaho.

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