Imperfect Wings (Book 1 of the Imperfect Series)

Imperfect Wings – published by Write Integrity Press and released August 1, 2014.

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A young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time… An ex-soldier determined to finish the mission… Assassins, traitors, passions, and a deadly race against time in pursuit of justice.

Evil stalks TJ McIW Front CoverKendrick.

Three years after burying her father, TJ visits Honduras where he died. While there, she witnesses a murder and is forced to flee.

Don Castillo dreams of power. Funnel the drugs into the States and it’s his. First though, he must kill the woman who dared spy on him.

The last thing Garrett Cameron needs is another woman interrupting his life, but when the feisty vixen that put a monkey wrench in his mission two years ago shows up at his ranch ruIW Back Covernning for her life — what’s a man to do?

The attraction between TJ and Garrett bursts into flame in the midst of danger, a fierce desire that neither is prepared for. Her past is filled with betrayal. He’s lived a life of violence, and love isn’t for someone like him. Do they dare let go of past hurts and embrace a future together?

Only faith in God and trust in each other can overcome the deadly odds they face.


The story line captured my attention quickly and never let me go. I often wondered, as I would read yet another plot twist, “How did this author think of THAT?!” She truly has a great imagination and clearly did her research work thoroughly. What genre is it, you ask? Good question! Suspense, western, romance, faith, thrill, spy, and all done in good clean fun.

From the moment T.J. McKendrick jumped on the screen of my e-reader, I was drawn in. Completely hooked. An exotic location, pint-sized children she needs to save—surrounded by Special Forces—big, beefy guys with nicknames, large caliber weapons, and plenty of good ole American testosterone. That’s what I’m talking about! I was not expecting the non-stop adrenaline-pumping action!

Imperfect Wings has it all–romance, a bit of western touch to it, mystery, and full of action. A story written by a woman who knows how to appeal to both men and women … One of those rare books where you’re hooked from page one and unable to put it down.

This book is FANTASTIC! Wonderful plot that keeps you guessing until the end. The authors writing technique is exceptional – very descriptive in portraying scenes and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. I especially enjoy (and relate to) the heroine of the story -talk about backbone!

Amazing and thoughtful author!

I really enjoyed Imperfect Wings because the author created a strong heroine, but a vulnerable one. As much as she doesn’t want to need anyone, she does. Her life is in jeopardy. And Garrett seems to be the only one that can help. The sparks ignite between the two as much as they wish it didn’t. But they have a past and that creates conflict. Sometimes conflict can get in the way of sparks.

Enthralling; fast paced action packed adventure with well developed characters, true to life emotions, realistic expectations and challenging goals–stay alive long enough to ensure justice and allow peace in one’s heart.


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